About Us

Aditi Joshi

Founder’s Note

Mental Health is one of the most neglected health topics worldwide. It is underserved and still a taboo topic in most places.

Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek medical help. Infact, Depression is one of the leading causes of disability , affecting nearly 270 million people worldwide. If we can’t have an honest & comfortable conversation around Mental Health at our homes, work places or with our loved ones then as a society we have a lot of work to do.

With Speaking Grey, I wish to unveil Mental Health and bring a community level systematic change. We need to encourage people to address their emotional as well as mental issues and be kind to one another.

What Do We Do?

Mental Health isn’t black and white. Often, people find it difficult to understand and acknowledge their emotions. Why they are feeling a certain way seems way more difficult at times. To help one tackle the grey issues, we are here. We work at the grassroots level and aim to bring mental health to all aspects of one’s life.Through our continuous efforts, we are starting a serious and acceptable conversation at home, in educational institutes, in our relationships, and our workplaces.

Our Mission

Speaking Grey is a platform to create awareness in spaces with limited or no dialogue around Mental Health. It’s the need of the hour that we make Mental Health a priority on a community level and end the stigma that surrounds it.

We are committed to provide the right information to individuals from different walks of life and empower them to build a strong community where everyone feels safe and heard. Through our focus help group, winning stories, mental health surveys, and holistic solutions we aim to remove the barriers that are attached to seeking help.