Get Involved


We would love to have you contribute your valuable time & skills with us to create an impact. It’s okay if you don’t have prior experience as long as you have the zeal and intention to help those in need. Together, we will learn and grow!
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Be a Donor

Your contribution helps us enhance our programs, scale our models, and ensure that we continue to create an impact and build a safer environment around Mental Health. If you believe in our cause and are in a position to contribute, please consider supporting our work today. We are grateful to you for your consideration!
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Partner with us

Speaking Grey works with companies, international development agencies, NGOs, Schools, Media houses to grow and nurture an effective network creating a solution-oriented approach to mental health in the society. Reach out to us to understand the possible synergies.
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If you think you have an expertise in your field and would like to inspire those around you, we would love to have you join our movement. Be it conducting our Focus group sessions or being a guiding force to our community through your experience and knowledge, this would be a unique opportunity for you to step outside your normal circle of friends and create an impact with our community.
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Share your story

Sometimes all you need is a story! There are millions of people out there who might just need a brim of hope to cross over. Are you someone who has defeated depression, anxiety or any other mental battle? We would love to hear from you. At Speaking Grey, we have built a community of mental health warriors and their stories have been a great source of inspiration.
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