We want to champion the cause of Mental & Emotional Health Awareness and amplify the voices of those who are breaking down barriers and who are contributing to making the world a better, safer, and inclusive space.

Who are our Global Mental Health Advocates?

Our Mental Health Advocates are individuals from different walks of life – Mental Health Activists, professionals, change makers and anyone who is catalysing change and conversation around Mental and Emotional Well-being. We select these individuals for the work they are doing for the mental health space.

Meet our Global Mental Health Advocates 2021-2022

Oluwatosin Olabode

Oluwatosin Olabode
Certified Digital Wellness Educator

Oluwatosin is a Certified Digital Wellness Educator, African Ambassador for Digital Wellness Day, YALI Fellow, and a wealth of positive energy! Being a changemaker at the intersection of both the physical and digital world, he is facilitating ecosystems that promote more humane digital habits geared towards digital flourishing.


Susan Page Gadegone​
Mental health advocate, peer counselor
United States

Susan Page Gadegone has been in the mental health advocacy world ever since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013. Since then, she’s been sharing her experiences through writing and art on her social media channels and blogging for different global mental health startups and companies. On her free time she likes to adventure and eat good food.

Judah pic-modified_11zon

Judah Njoroge
Teen & Youth Mental health Champion, Community Solutions 
Delivery Specialist

Judah is a mental health champion who after a lived experience created a system to deliver solutions where they are needed most. He believes in cooperation and collaboration within society, academia, and service providers to build sustainable solutions in mental health. His focus is on research and participatory inclusion.


Aman Arora
Mental Well-Being is Central to Overall Well-Being

I am a curious, spiritual yet fun-loving, ambivert person who loves reading, pondering, writing, observing nature. Music and Mountains are love. Love exploring places within and without. I am happy being an amateur in different fields and an expert at none. Government servant by profession, Aesthete by passion.

Holly Pic-modified_11zon

Holly Garcia
Mental health advocate
United States

Holly is an author and a body acceptance and mental health advocate. She believes in rewriting the narrative society has conditioned us to accept around mental health, and believers open and honest communication will help us all #EndTheStigma. Read more about where mental health intersects with creativity, lifestyle, parenting, and much more at


 Athlete, Advocate For Sexual Abuse Survivors. Bringing Awareness to Mental Health through social connect

My name is Kimberly Williamson, I go by Kim. I was born and raised in Jamaica, I love to travel, I love going to the beach (and no i cannot swim), I enjoy cooking and serving others. I have been doing track and field since I was 11 years and and it has really saved me. Favorite quote “how can I help”

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Amanda Beausoleil
CEO of Self-Injury Recovery Anonymous (SIRA)
United States

Amanda resides in Dallas, TX and is from Katy, TX. She is a self-injury recovery advocate and CEO of the global peer support group Self-Injury Recovery Anonymous (SIRA). She works to normalize the conversation about self-injury to help lower the highly stigmatized behavior, as she herself engaged in self-injury for 15 years before seeking help via SIRA formerly known as SMA. SIRA holds weekly peer support group meetings via zoom

Dior Image

Dior Vargas
Queer Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist
United States

Dior Vargas, MS, MPH is an award-winning Queer Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist. She works with universities, organizations, and corporations to discuss self-care advocacy, wellness accessibility, and diversity within mental health. Dior is the recipient of numerous awards, including the White House Champion of Change for Disability Advocacy under the Obama Administration.