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Being Kind

Being Kind is a safe space to foster hope, positivity, and kindness. This is a community based movement to spread #kindness for self and for others. Please read our community guidelines.

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Sad Person

How to deal with a failure

An essential aspect of life that most of us find challenging to deal with is a failure. It seems as though humanity has taken coping with setbacks as an innate quality in most human beings. With the competitive...

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Person in grief

How to cope with Grief

What is GRIEF? Human emotions are diverse and so are its effects on our mind and body. Circumstances and environment play a significant role in influencing the plethora of emotions that a human being expresses. Grief is considered...

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How music and sound can be therapeutic

Music and Sound Therapy and It’s Benefits

SOUND AND MUSIC THERAPY If you appreciate melodious voices and you like music, you probably know how much it is capable of affecting your mood. Maybe a strong motivational backdrop helps you to give your extra bit during...

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You are never alone

You’re never alone – Holly Garcia

“You don’t have to reach the deepest level of despair before seeking help. Your struggles, no matter how big or how small are valid” – Holly Garcia 1. Your journey with Mental Health I’m an author, freelance writer,...

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Journey with Depression by Yasha

Journey With Depression by Yasha

Depression is so much more than sadness. Awareness about depression is so important as many people still don’t understand what the condition is and how it can manifest in different ways. Recovery is possible and here’s Yasha Baid...

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