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9 Habits to Eliminate to lead a Happy and Healthy life

  1. Getting to bed late: A majority of today’s youth has a habit of going to bed late and waking up late. Social media and the internet have addicted many to using it late at night without worrying about having their proper quota of sleep. This lack of adequate sleep not only affects our brain cells and concentration but also deprives us of positive mental energy which is needed to carry out our daily chores with enthusiasm. With gradual practice and simple sleep therapy, one can make going sleeping early a habit. It allows you to wake up early in the morning whose benefits are multiple. Waking up early increases productivity as well as reduces stress levels.

  2. Procrastination: Procrastination is among the habits that can ruin careers, intellect, and daily well being. It is the habit of deferring one’s important tasks instead of completing them straight away when there is an opportunity to do so. If you have an important assignment to complete or chores to be done and you aren’t feeling like completing them right now, it’s probably because the idea of the “pain” you have to undergo while doing them is not allowing you to do it. One motivation to do away with procrastination is to think of how reliving it would be after your work is done.

  3. Paying too much heed to criticism: We often are in contact with people who unduly criticize us in our endeavors. Repetitive negative comments can not only demotivate us but also shatter our confidence and self-belief. This is not to say that one mustn’t listen to constructive criticism. Of course, when somebody’s advice can help one find one’s own shortcomings and rectify it, they should listen to it. For people who only pass negative comments at anything and everything we try, we shouldn’t let their words impact us. A good way to do this would be to reply them back with positivity and give yourself a speech of encouragement once they are gone.

  4. Negativity in friends circle: The Greek philosopher Plato once said that the type of friends that one has dictates the type of person one is. As a thumb rule, you’re the average of five friends you have in your circle. This goes to show the importance of removing toxic people from your life. “Friends” who are unsupportive, who are jealous of your success and do not want you to achieve new heights in your life are the ones whom we should avoid. They typically lead you astray from your long term goals for short term joys and entertainment. One should look to avoid such a company at all costs.

  5. Doubting your own self: The fight against “Self-doubt” is a fight within yourself to conquer your negative thoughts and higher your self-esteem. Sometimes, circumstances are such that we tend to doubt our own abilities. Even our field of strength seems to be a weakness for us. This self-doubt can hugely impact one’s performances and actions. A good exercise to reduce self-doubt is to repeat positive thoughts about yourself in the mirror just after you wake up. Reminding yourself of your past successes may also help in negating self-doubt.

  6. Following the herd: Every individual is unique in their own way. No two persons share the exact same feelings, experience, or abilities. Teenagers and young adolescents often tend to follow what their peers are doing. They have the fear of feeling “left out” if they are not replicating what their friends are doing. One must try to appreciate and preserve their own individuality while taking life decisions instead of copying someone else’s actions. One’s conscience and abilities should be the major contributor to his/her actions. More and more youngsters are taking up alcohol and drugs because of the fear of being “un-cool” in their circle. Such peer pressure is something one should completely look to avoid in life.

  7. Being too harsh on yourself: The craving for perfection in some individuals sometimes makes them too harsh on themselves. Be it mentally or physically, our mind and body are put to strain when we become too obsessed with our goals. Say, you are passionate about making a career in dancing and you keep on practicing without taking your meals at the right time or without giving your muscles enough time to rest. It’s perfectly normal to have cheat days and giving yourself a break once in a while. Our mind and body need that rest and break.

  8. Comparison with others and jealousy: Human nature tends to draw comparisons with others in the same field. Be it in academics or in professional lives, one tends to draw comparisons of him himself/herself with her colleagues. The very individuality and uniqueness of one person from the other are what we need to remind ourselves before drawing comparisons. The best person who exactly replicates you in talent, experience, feelings is you yourself, and therefore it is only fair to draw up comparisons with your own self. Similarly, when we fail to achieve what others already have jealousy creeps in. Instead of being jealous, one can take up other’s success as motivation and implement them in their own life.

  9. Not Following a proper diet: As much as it is important to keep up with your mental health, it is also important to take your meals on time and maintain fitness. Adequate water intake is an issue which many neglects but the benefits of drinking adequate water though out the day are uncountable. It helps in digestion, skin purification, detoxification, and brain function. Regular running and jogging can help keep up your physical fitness level.

Eliminating your shortcoming and these bad habits will certainly help you as an individual in your physical and mental well being. The driving force to change yourself can only come from within and constantly striving to bring positive changes is what makes an individual the best version of what he/she can be. 

About the Author:

Swarnadeep Ghosh is a final year student of Electronics Engineering. He is a sports lover and likes to promote fitness in youth through awareness. Daily running and freehand is his fitness mantra and he aspires to educate the youth about diverse Olympic sports.

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