Find here a list of Mental Health Professionals with affordable fees (Upto INR 1000 per session).
Please note that the details listed have been provided by the professionals, they are not endorsed or represented by Speaking Grey in any way. 

(If you wish to get your details listed with us and confirm that your session charges are below/upto INR 1000,  write to us at:
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Sidhanta Borkataky

Expressive Arts Therapist

Age: 32
Location: Bengaluru, India
Fees: INR 1000 (Sliding scale based on availability)
Contact No: +91-9810669666

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Rakhi Sengupta

Counseling Psychologist

Age: 52
Location:West Bengal, kolkata
Fees: INR 1000/hour
Contact No: +919038488922

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Vahishta Kapadia

Counseling Psychologist

Age: 24
Location: Mumbai, India
Fees: INR 500/ hour
Contact Info:

Shachi Katira

Expressive Arts Therapy, Arts & Body-based Therapist, Dreamworker

Age: 33
Location: Bangalore
Fees: INR 1000 (sliding scale is a possibility)
Contact No: +91-9930935933

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Dr Mayur K Muthe

Psychiatrist (MMC Registered)

Age: 43
Location: Jalgaon
Fees: INR 600
Contact No: +91-9765285160

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Aruna Chakravorty

Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Counselor

Age: 50
Location: Mumbai, India
Fees: INR 1000
Contact No: +919790890240 (WhatsApp message query)

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Neha Golchha

Clinical Psychologist

Age: 33
Location: India & New Zealand
Fees: INR 800-1000
Contact Email:

Samar Hafeez

Clinical Psychologist

Age: 33
Location: Bangalore, India
Fees: INR 700 (INR 200 discount for Students)
Contact No: +91-09741513434

S. Poorna

Counseling Psychologist

Age: 28
Location: Chennai, India
Fees: INR 800-1500 (Discount for individuals with a lower income background)
Contact No: +91 9789844623

Vidya Dinakaran


Age: 25
Location: Chennai
Fees: INR 700
Contact Email: