Bullying- A personal anecdote

Bullying: A Personal Anecdote by Laura

1. A little about you.

Hey, my name is Laura and I just turned 18. I‘m from Germany and right now I‘m in my last year of
school. Besides that, I‘m very active on TikTok right now (to spread mental health awareness) and I love
going to the gym.

2. Your experience with bullying.

In school, I was bullied for quite a few years. Before that, I was a happy child, I‘ve had many friends and
met them nearly every day. But since I was bullied, mostly for the way I looked and spoke (the kids said I
spoke like an adult), I‘ve changed into the complete opposite. For about 4 or 5 years I haven‘t left the
house unless I had to. I was panicking in school and as soon as I had to interact with people, even my
family or best friends. Through that, I developed a bad depression. I never was brave enough to talk
about that with my parents, they just kept noticing the way I‘ve changed. About two years ago I finally
spoke up and noticed, that I can’t keep living like that.

3. How did it affect you and your mental health?

I was in such a bad mental state that I thought about ending it all.
I started to see new therapists- and now, I finally feel like someone can help me and that there‘s hope
for me. What I want to tell you is: Even though it’s scary at first, You‘re worthy and deserve to get the
help you need. You might not believe me, but things get better, even though you think they can’t. I was
at this point too, and I kind of still am, but it still got better and keeps getting better!

4. A message to those who experience bullying.

This is my message for everyone reading this:
I wish you all the best. You survived 100% of your worst days, you‘re so strong. And even if you‘re not
experiencing bullying, this is also a very important topic for you. If you see anyone struggling or being
mistreated STAND UP FOR THEM. If you don’t want to get involved yourself, talk with authority about it.
Sometimes the smallest actions, even just a smile or “hello”, can save a life.

Stay strong everyone!

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