Reasons to Stay Alive

Life is a series of undetermined events. We never know what is coming our way until it either hits us like a storm or turns into an afternoon shower, to make our evenings pleasant. However, we often find ourselves grappling for air while drowning in the depth of life. We start perceiving this world as a place increasingly designed to depress us. We realise that being calm is a revolutionary act and being happy is paradoxical. When pain tends to congeal our perception and our thoughts, we become isolated from clarity, and our life becomes an emotional replica of Pandora’s Box. Despite the ups and downs in our lives, we must always have hope. Hope makes us realise that we can change our life, by simply wanting to stay alive. Hope keeps us afloat and motivates us not to give up. I am writing this article to remind you, in case you have forgotten, that life is a gift that we only receive once, and since you have it, you also deserve to live it to its fullest. When you feel that you do not have a reason to do so, here are a few reasons for you to hold on and face the passing storm.  


1) There are places you have not explored yet! Places that make you go “Wow.”

“live your life by a compass, not a clock.” ~Stephen Covey

Travelling allows you to learn about and explore new places. You will gain experiences from around the world, and it will add exhilaration and positivity in your life. You will get to meet diverse individuals, and that will help you look at things from a different perspective. You will realise that you are not alone and you will see this world as a masterpiece rather than an unruly artwork. You will understand that this world has so much to offer, and you have so much to acquire. 


2) Endless books, movies and TV shows you haven’t watched yet

If you don’t like to travel, then that is perfectly alright. Through books and movies, you can go on a virtual adventure without leaving your house. By reading motivational books like

The Four Agreements~ Don Miguel Ruiz

The Power of Now~Eckhart Tolle

You can heal your life~ Louise Hay

It will help you think about various topics and help you focus on your life positively. Movies and TV shows also portray many life-changing stories that can boost your morale and be a source of inspiration. Some light-hearted films can help you relax and enjoy yourself. 


3) We accept the love we think we deserve 

Falling in love is a tricky thing. It takes so much time and then no time at all. It is a balancing act of knowing when to be selfish and when to compromise. There are many different kinds of love, but the trickiest of them all is the love we must fall in with ourselves. So before believing that you aren’t loved, focus on loving and accepting yourself to be happy. You are the only constant in your life, and as long as you do not give up on yourself, life won’t give up on you either. 


4) You haven’t explored all your skills!

You are talented. All of us are born with a few skills and abilities which are unique to us. We all have something to give to the world and ourselves. When you feel you are not enough, remember to look for the ability that makes you stand out. Look for something in you that makes you feel proud of yourself. I am sure it will be something worth being alive. 


5) You have not achieved your dreams yet

You have worked so hard to be the person you are today. You did not come this far overnight. If you feel that you are not strong enough to be that person again, then just look back on all your achievements. If you could do it once, you can do it again! Have faith in yourself, and work towards your goals, work towards your life. Sincerity and perseverance always pay off, so I am sure you will get there. 


6) Your family and friends will always have your back

There are 7.8 billion people in this world and out of those, your family and friends are going to be your support system. Now, I know that sometimes, some people make you feel like you do not deserve to be happy. They make you feel like you will never be good enough. But, I also want you to know that you will always be everything to your friends and family. They will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. So don’t feel alone and don’t lose hope!


7) You are yet to unravel your purpose in life

“The mystery of human existence lies in not just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” ~DOSTOYEVSKY

Finding purpose in life is important. It helps you differentiate between what matters and what does not. It gives you a sense of responsibility, and it is the starting point of leading a meaningful life. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, it is okay. However, that gives you all the more reason to keep looking for it. Once you find your passion, there will be nothing holding you back. Think of your success and chase your goals. Life will be worth the effort!


                     YOU HAVEN’T

You haven’t danced in the evening rain,

You haven’t watched your favourite band play.

You haven’t travelled across the world,

There are so many songs unheard. 


You haven’t written your best poem,

You haven’t cooked the tastiest muffins.

You haven’t created your best piece of art,

A world without you would be like a body without a heart.


You haven’t met the one who gives you butterflies,

You haven’t given your brightest smile. 

You haven’t achieved your dreams yet,

You haven’t seen every sunset. 


Every time you feel that you are not enough,

Think of the long way you have come.

Think of the gigantic mountains you have climbed,

Think of the beautiful life you have designed.


I want you to know that you matter,

You are capable of being your anchor,

If you pause for a moment and open your eyes

You will find plenty of reasons to stay alive. 


~Avani AP Khare

About the Author 

Avani AP Khare is a 17-year-old student from Pune. She is currently pursuing Humanities and wishes to major in psychology. She loves to write blogs, articles and poems. She is an intern at Speaking Grey and takes great interest in mental health-related issues.







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