Lockdown: A challenging time for students?

Ever since the coronavirus situation has begun our lifestyle has flipped to something none of us imagined. While some people are doing fine, most of us are going through one or another psychological trouble. For students especially, things have changed dramatically!

From teaching methodology to ways of hanging out with your friends, everything is now different.

With so much change around, there are a lot of things to cope up with.

There are a plethora of things that could make you feel uncomfortable during these days but however long the night the dawn would break.


Low social interaction 

Student life is that phase of your life when you are meant to make friends. Meet and interact with new people. Every student has their social circle with whom they spend a major portion of the day. Lockdown has deprived people of the physical interaction with their friends, you might be spending all day with similar faces, but this must not stop you from being a social being.

  •  Nevertheless, there are a lot of ways to keep up with your friends. Plan fun game nights with your friends, have video calls, think of new ways to celebrate “quarantine birthdays” 😛
  • Don’t lose contact with your friends, everyone is going through the same difficulties, support each other!


Long time ONLINE!

With all the online lectures and assignments, there is no denying that students’ screen time has boomed drastically. Long screen time can be tiring to eyes as well as to our brain and we all need to relax.

  • Plan time tables which include proper breaks for rest and healthy eating.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of mobile phones, at least make it a ritual to not use your phone before going to bed. 
  • With all these ongoing online courses, don’t forget to take out some “me time” for yourself. Maybe just half an hour of doing something you love could refresh you more than any futile Instagram scrolling.


Job Placements?

A lot many of you must have been expecting job placements this year but with the sudden crash in the economy, you must be feeling sceptical about it.

This might be a reason for anxiety among a lot of students but don’t worry a lot about it, many economists argue that the world economy might recover in a V shape i.e. the world economy would recover in a quick and sustained manner in terms of economic performance.

Moreover never forget that there is always a place for talent in this world.

  •  Try to use this time productively and invest it to develop new skills or to explore your hidden talent.
  • This is the perfect time to prepare for any upcoming exams if you plan to do further studies.



Unfinished business

All of us had plans for this year, for some it could be getting into college, getting some summer internship, farewell party, or just some fancy vacation. You might have had a lot of plans for this year and it could be disturbing, knowing things didn’t work out the usual way.

  •  Think of this time as a blessing in disguise to spend time on yourself and with your family. 
  • People are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and even farewells in a more personal way which, if you think can be much more memorable and close to heart.
  • Try doing new things, things you never expected you would do, try writing something or make videos or do some craftwork or just learn to cook something appetising.

Toxic environment

Most of us must be living with our families right now. Some home environments may be toxic and may add to one’s distress. 

Handling and dealing with a dysfunctional family can be stressful and mentally tiring.

  • Go out for short nature walks, do exercise, and meditation to calm your mind.
  • Try not to disturb yourself from your surroundings.


 Lack of personal space

As teenagers, we all need personal space. Many households don’t believe in the concept of personal space or if they do, it is difficult to maintain one, with let’s say your siblings or elderly people.

  • Dr Lim Boon Leng, a psychiatrist from Dr BL Lim Centre for Psychological Wellness at Gleneagles Medical Centre, says that you can enjoy your personal space even without having it, by indulging in personal activities like reading a book or watching some TV show or simply doing exercise. 


Everyone knows this is a hard time and staying indoors is not easy. Draining your energy on thinking of other possibilities would not help you. Try to find positivity around you. Try maintaining a diary for this lockdown period, penning things out helps release a lot of stress.

Invest this time to do something productive, this would help you feel good about yourself. This is a difficult time, but try to relish it. 

Keep yourself occupied, find happiness, and stay safe.


We reached out a few students and asked them about their ongoing experience with this lockdown.

  1. What was your reaction when the lockdown was announced?

Let’s go home!!!

  1. How do you think things changed for you after this lockdown situation?

Initially, it was fine but now I see a lot of behavioural changes in me and my family as well.

  1. How do you think online classes are going for you? Do you think it’s a better way?

Well, for me no! I like interactive classes and being online, hardly anyone pays attention, which makes the class monotonous. Also due to the increased screen time, I have often started feeling irritated.

  1. How are you coping up with low social interaction?

Well, I sometimes forget how many days it has passed since I have talked to anyone. But it matters sometimes when you just wanna go out and hang out with your friends or chit chat with them in their rooms or have late-night coffees but again I guess it’s better to be safe than to socialise and have fun.

  1. What do you think were the advantages/disadvantages of lockdown as a student?

As I’m a final year student, it hardly makes a difference for me in terms of studies but again whenever we have our classes, it’s not interesting or interactive and sometimes it gives me a headache these days! And for the advantage, I would say, I got my family while I’m going through placements and it’s pressure. 

  1. Now that you have comparatively more free time, how do you use it?

I think I had more free time back in the hostel because we had a timetable there! We were engaged in productive activities and here at home we have classes, placement drive, everything from 9 am to 10 pm but whenever o get time or I don’t want to see my laptop or phone, I try to stand in my balcony and take some fresh air or read a book, which is very rare in my case😅 but it is so exhausting that I usually prefer to sleep.

  1. Are in contact with your friends? How are they managing this situation?

Yes, I’m in contact with my friends, we talk once a week or two weeks on the phone and message each other! They’re facing almost the same things as I am and we talk to each other whenever we feel low or irritated or anxious but we all hope we somehow get out of this tunnel soon and go back to our normal life.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Ananya. I’m a student at IISER. I am fond of reading and learning new languages. I take an avid interest in human psychology and human behaviour and aspire to research in this field in the future. 

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