Why One Should Exercise?

‘Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement and methodical physical exercise saves and preserves it’ – Plato

Physical health is as important as mental health. Working on yourself should be your utmost priority. Exercise has a myriad of benefits from elevating your mood to bringing out your energized self, from getting rid of that extra fat to flaunting your healthy skin, from focusing on mental strength to boosting your immunity! Exercise has plenty of benefits. It is a matter of how in-depth we are aware of them. It is never too early or too late to take control of your body for a better and healthier life.

Let’s get started and learn a few of them!


Helps in controlling weight 

We all know the ill effects of obesity. The excessive calories are stored under our skin as adipose tissue. These are globular cells that serve as a reservoir of supplementary tissues. These need to be in control to aid in the healthy functioning of the body. When we do any physical activity, we burn calories in the form of sweat. Therefore, exercise helps in getting rid of unnecessary fat. A ten minute on a treadmill, at a regular speed, burns as much as 135 calories! A weight loss regime also includes jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc. Make your routine of physical activities and follow thoroughly to get that amazingly healthy body! Don’t push yourself and take breaks often.


Reduce your risk of chronic diseases 

A healthy body is not only free from any disease but is a state of mental, physical, psychological, and social well-being. It has been observed that regular exercise generates profound improvements in people with poor cardiac health and respite diabetes. It gets the oxygenated blood flow to all parts of the body. Almost all the diseases can be prevented or least can become tolerable if our body functions efficiently, which can be accomplished by regular exercise. 


Prevents Aging

It is not new to acknowledge that physical activity such as yoga, exercise, jogging, lifting weights, etc. promotes health and longevity. Frequent (once in 3 days or twice a week) exercise tightens the muscles and delays aging. The continuous renewal of cells ascertains longevity. Keen participation in endurance competitive sports such as half/full marathon also strengthens limb muscles. It enhances agility and boosts your endurance which in turn, extends your life expectancy!


Improves your mental health and mood 

Regular physical activity is associated with improved psychological well-being (e.g. through reduced stress, anxiety, and depression). Many studies have shown a promising connection between exercise and the reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety. Stretching of limbs in aerobic exercise produces endorphins – a natural neurotransmitter – that helps in the release of “feel good” emotions such as content, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement.


Improves sleep 

Ever noticed you fall asleep effortlessly after a tiresome day and wake up all refreshed? Exercise has a similar effect on us. After a bountiful activity, our cells get into action and produce happy hormones. Doing regular exercise in the morning and evening increases body temperature to a few degrees. Later, when the body thermostat falls back to normal, we feel drowsiness which assists in sound sleep.


Improves immunity

The immune system is our first guard of defence against all filthy unknown intruders that may harm our bodies. The breakdown of certain molecules during exercise helps in the replenishment of cells that participate in the immune response. Hence, regular exercising maintains a good balance of breaking and making of important molecules.


Gives you younger healthier skin 

Still cannot get over the afterglow of working out? It is because with intense sweating, the dead epidermal skin cells are shed off and a glowing flawless natural skin emerges. Studies show that exercising regularly can have a positive impact on your skin. Keeping in mind to not damage your muscles with forced exercise, it is essential to take pauses, once in a while to help with rejuvenation.


Helps in healing (therapeutic)

Exercise is suggested as a therapeutic tool in case of motor injuries. Movements of arms and legs improve musculoskeletal function and maintain a sense of well-being. The therapeutic exercise seeks to improve balance, flexibility, blood circulation, and mobilize joints. These exercises range from region oriented movements to general activities concerning all body parts.



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy, all you require is the motivation to start. Procrastination may take over your sanity in the beginning but once you consider the tremendous advantages that come with it, you may want to start exercising soon. Along with physical exercises, the consumption of healthy food and following a good health routine gives observable profits: a glowing skin, improved body posture, freshness, freedom from ailments, keeps a check on weight, among others. 


One hour of dedicated exercise brings more satisfaction than an hour slouching on a couch! Bring a change in your lifestyle and choose health. Get those sports shoes out and get running. Feeling the wind on your face, jog away from your worries, and towards your better self! Hit the gym and pull those weights! Join a dancing class, connect with new people, and laugh out loud because: Hey, isn’t laughing an exercise too?


About the Author

Ankita Sharma is a Life Sciences graduate. Nature lover and a perennial learner. She is a fitness enthusiast and strongly believes in eating healthy. She fully endorses the proverbial saying ‘You are what you eat’. She is also a sci-fi movie buff with an interest in astronomy.


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